Be aware of the 10 benefits that make açaí a good choice



Check out some of the advantages of the aseptic bag of açaí

Açaí Glee offers in addition to taste and price, several benefits


  1. The taste is superior to what is currently on the market.
    2. It has superior validity to the products found in the market.
    3. No freezing required, making transportation and storage easier.
    4. Product ready to be used.
    5. It does not require the purchase of equipment to keep all its stock frozen, not having spent on equipment, much less on monthly electricity. It also eliminates maintenance on refrigeration equipment.
    6. There is no need to defrost the product several hours before use, if necessary, just open a package when you need it. This brings agility to the service and prevents you from having no product available to sell.



Açaí is a fruit that helps health and good shape

Be aware of the 10 benefits that make açaí a good choice


  1. It helps build a nutritious diet that helps you have a balanced body function.
  2. It has antioxidant action that avoids you aging.
  3. It’s rich in vitamin C that gives you disposition and resilience.
  4. It helps digestion which avoids you keeping fat in your organism and reduces the levels of cholesterol.
  5. It works as a natural energetic, specially to people who work out and practice sports.
  6. It’s a great option as pre work out diet to people that need concentration and energy, increasing performance.
  7. It has high level of calcium and potassium which is essential to avoid pain and muscles damage.
  8. It helps prevent cramps and circulation problems.
  9. It has high levels of fiber which provides impressive benefits for metabolic health.
  10. It is refreshing and nutritious characterizing it as a complete food source.